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No matter what side of the situation you are on, property/tenant issues can be emotional and exhausting.

Protect Yourself Against Eviction

While eviction notices and proceedings do not mean immediate removal from your home (the process takes several weeks), the constable can remove your property from the rental once your landlord has obtained a writ of possession. If you’ve received a notice to vacate, it’s best to act fast and consult an experienced attorney to help you navigate the process, from receiving your notice to vacate to understanding a judgment.

As a skilled tenant law attorney, Richard Cahan has come to the aid of dozens of Pflugerville tenants who are being treated unfairly by their landlords to avoid evictions or appeal their eviction ruling. Even residents who are not being evicted have turned to Richard Cahan to deal with landlords who are being negligent and not taking proper care of the property they’re renting.

There are many potential defenses available to tenants who have been threatened with eviction. When the consequences can be as severe as ending up on the streets, you need the guidance of a compassionate lawyer who cares about you and where you prefer to call home. Attorney Richard Cahan will hold your landlord responsible for proving whether your eviction is justified and ensure you have enough time to find a new place to live if needed.

Even as a renter, you have rights. Let Richard Cahan be a strong voice for your rights by scheduling a free consultation today.

Secure Your Property Against Bad Tenants

If you’re a landlord or property owner and are having trouble with a tenant who has stopped paying rent or who has violated the lease agreement, you need an Eviction Lawyer on your side.

Unless your rental agreement specifies a shorter time period, Texas Property Code requires you to give your tenant a three-day notice to vacate before you can file an eviction lawsuit with the court. Any violation of the rules while you’re attempting to terminate the lease (such as improperly serving the eviction notice or attempting to remove any property from the site yourself) can provide a defense to your tenant to use against you in court, potentially leaving you back where you started with an undesirable tenant.

Attorney Richard Cahan has helped landlords evict negligent tenants who have decided to cease payment of rent, who have become a nuisance to the neighborhood, and who are destroying the property.

Don’t let an unruly tenant strip your property of its value or rack up an ever-increasing debt in lost rent. Look after your assets with the guidance of Attorney Richard Cahan.

Don’t Be Taken Advantage Of

As an experienced Eviction Attorney in Pflugerville, Texas, Richard has seen it all, every possible landlord/tenant issue, and he has successfully brought countless cases to comfortable completions, restoring order and maintaining legal mandates.

Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, it’s important to remember that you have rights. If you are a landlord or property owner who is having trouble with a difficult tenant, give Richard Cahan a call. Or if you are a tenant who is being harassed, mistreated, or abused by your landlord, give Richard Cahan a call.

The laws are clear, and Richard will fight for you when your rights are being taken advantage of.

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